Communication and Multimedia Design  

Creative Problem Solvers in Interactive Media. The transition from an information society into a communication society evokes a strong demand for professionals who can pick up the signals of society’s demands and transform them into interactive media solutions!

Human-centered design is an important principle when developing interactive media solutions for communication purposes. People’s experience comes first. During the creative design process the C-MD professional studies, thinks and works from people’s behavior, their needs and requirements and he or she determines to a design solution by linking multimedia (text, photo, video, audio, animation) with interactive devices and/or installations enabled by available technology. Would you like to work on designing interactive media solutions in different fields of action where people work, learn, care or entertain? Are you engaged to work and create with other professionals finding solutions that matter? Are you curious for creative problem solving enabled by new technological developments? If so, then the CMD bachelor program may suit you. Most graduated CMD professionals work in the dynamic world of the creative industry in various jobs like interaction designer, user experience designer, multimedia designer, web designer, multimedia developer, front-end developer, project manager, art director or they start their own company or work as a freelancer.

Study program CMD
The course of Communication & Multimedia Design focuses on an interdisciplinary approach of communication, design and multimedia technology finding new business solutions for communication issues. Each year is build up in periods of ten weeks each in which study activities take place. Notice that the language of instruction is partly in Dutch (in the first two years) and English (year 3 and 4).

Year 1 & 2
In the first two years you will learn all about this from scratch in theoretical lessons and practical assignments in disciplines like communication, user-centered design, audio-video design, graphic design, multimedia technology, business/marketing, interaction and experience design, multimedia design, interactive storytelling, media and society, history of art and media. You will learn to reflect on your professional attitude and performance and also to improve yourself. A personal study coach will support you to realize your aims. This educational approach is typified as competence-based learning. Through realistic and real life cases and projects you will learn the necessary theoretical and conceptual insights and you will train your skills on designing, developing and creative problem solving using various design methods and multimedia software tools like HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Axure and scripting technology.

Year 3
In the first semester of the third year you will do your first internship in a real organization or company in the domain of communication and multimedia design. You will be introduced to your future field of profession and work with professionals in the field. Or you will decide in favor of a study abroad in one of the attached international institutions in our university of applied sciences. 
The second semester you will be offered different compulsory and optional (international) modules from which you can choose. Those modules deal with topics more in depth like creative design, management, audio-video design, media, serious gaming, intercultural communication. A part of the program will be taken care by the Interfaculty C-MD. The Interfaculty CMD is a unique, joined CMD-program in English by three universities of applied sciences in Belgium, Germany and us. Here the three different cultures meet and make an inspirational environment for students from different nationalities. The program of the Interfaculty CMD will be offered in the last period of the third year and in the first semester of the fourth.

Year 4
In first semester of the fourth year you will study again in the Interfaculty CMD program on selective courses that fit to your ambitions. In the second semester you will work on your graduation thesis or project, your masterpiece, for example in an organization or company within in the domain of CMD. 
Beside the offered program you will be able to choose (within certain conditions) a minor study program (a minor or selective courses) offered within our university of applied sciences.

CMD specialization
During the main course of the program students will be able to specialize themselves in a certain field of knowledge within de body of knowledge of communication and multimedia design. Whether you profile yourself in the field of interaction design or experience design, or you will profile yourself within multimedia design. A combination is possible, it all depends on your own ambitions, talent and skills.

Interaction Design deals with the design and development of interactive media for the public’s daily usage with focus on functionality. In Experience design the focus is placed on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions, with less emphasis placed on increasing and improving functionality of the design. It is important that users appreciate these interactive media as meaningful, useful, instructive, easy and sensible in their daily life.
Multimedia Design deals with creating, designing and making multimedia applications that make sense and meaning, applications that tell interactive stories or messages with which the user can interact or play in order to immerse him. These may be dynamic websites, but also, animations, serious games, film or audio-video products. As a multimedia designer you will be challenged to be creative in designing meaningful content and to tell an interesting story using the strength of text, image, audio and video.

Admission, application, registration and contact
For admission to the professional Bachelor’s degree course of Communication & Multimedia Design of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences you have to comply with the following conditions as to your previous education and skills:

  • HAVO diploma:
  • The N+T, N+G and E+M profiles grant unconditional admission to the course.
  • The C+M profile grants admission, too, if it includes Mathematics A or B.
  • VWO diploma:
  • All N+T, N+G, E+M and C+M profiles grant unconditional admission to the course.
  • MBO-diploma:
  • An MBO-4 diploma also grants admission to the course.
  • Foreign students have to acquire a NT2 certification.

Apart from these legal demands for admission, we advise you to take Mathematics and or CKV(2) as subjects. In addition, you should enjoy working with computers and multimedia software, you should have a creative and innovative attitude and you should be open towards new developments and changes in the world around you.

Application for the course is only possible through Studielink and the website After we have processed your request for registration, you will receive a message from Hogeschool Zuyd through Studielink, with additional information (student identification number, email address, etc.).

Up until now the course of C-MD has always admitted a limited number of students, a numerus fixus. If you wish to apply for the CMD bachelor program, you must do so before 15 May 2013. If you fail to meet this deadline, you cannot take part in the draw for the next academic year. We advise you to apply for two courses, so you always will have an alternative.

If you have any other or more questions, please do not hesitate to contact the C-MD secretary’s office.

Communication and Multimedia Design

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